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Success Killers

Beliefs that are killing your success… 1. “I don’t have enough time” You are really busy aren’t you? We all are! Yet people like Sabeer Bhatia (founder Hotmail), Noah Kagan (founder AppSumo) and many others built startups while holding full time jobs. Look closely – can’t you find time anywhere? What activities in your life you can eliminate, outsource, Read more about Success Killers[…]


New Business Start Up Tips. #Entrepreneurs #Business #Success

10 ways to save a few precious dollars in the first stages of your business and boost your potential for success: Scale your business idea back. Starting a retail clothing store or restaurant might be your dream business, but requires lots of capital to start out. Consider scaling back your idea and starting online or Read more about New Business Start Up Tips. #Entrepreneurs #Business #Success[…]

Small #Business #Tax Breaks #KGBN #KingdomGlobalBusinessNetwork

Did you know that you can get a tax deduction on equipment you purchase for your business? It’s a part of the tax code called Section 179. It’s been around for a while, but a $1.8 trillion spending bill passed by Congress at the end of 2015 permanently capped the tax break at $500,000. Companies Read more about Small #Business #Tax Breaks #KGBN #KingdomGlobalBusinessNetwork[…]

#Mindfulness isn’t preparing #children for the real world

Mindfulness – a mediation technique that teaches people to focus on the present moment – is not preparing children to cope with the pressures of the real world, the headmaster of Ampleforth College has said. “Mindfulness has its place and young people do have a lot of stress these days. They need to be very Read more about #Mindfulness isn’t preparing #children for the real world[…]

The Best #Entrepreneurs #POTUS #HappeningNow

Tune out the noise Time is the ultimate equalizer, so play the long game and don’t be distracted by what seems like a big deal today. If I were starting a tech company today, it would be hard to tune out all the noise. I imagine it would be easy to feel like you weren’t Read more about The Best #Entrepreneurs #POTUS #HappeningNow[…]

#HappeningNow #KingdomGlobalBusinessNetwork #MarkZuckerberg #Facebook

15 Super Rich Billionaires Who Stay Grounded #MarkZuckerberg’s Net worth: $9.4 billion As the mastermind behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire many times over. But the 28-year-old leads a surprisingly low-key lifestyle. He recently upgraded to a $7 million house in Palo Alto, but The Los Angeles Times called the home “still well below Read more about #HappeningNow #KingdomGlobalBusinessNetwork #MarkZuckerberg #Facebook[…]

#HappeningNow Life Changing

#POTUS #GameChangers #KingdomGlobalBusinessNetwork #KGBN #JPLOGAN 4. TURN TECHNOLOGY OFF ONCE IN A WHILE It may not seem like a habit, but turning technology off is actually a great challenge that I have discovered. At least once a week I turn off iPhones (yes I have two that are always on), iPads (yes I have two Read more about #HappeningNow Life Changing[…]

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