Credit Repair



Services Include:

Credit restoration 

Credit monitoring 

Credit attorney 

Budgeting tool 

Savings goals 

Debt payoff tool 

Will and trust preparation 

And more

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Credit Repair Services Work on eliminating erroneous, inaccurate, and obsolete items on your credit report such as*: (*results may vary) 

Apartment and landlord issues


Charge offs

Child support




Identity theft


Late payments

Medical bills

Public records


Student loans

Tax liens

And more

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Show Me More Detalis On How To Repair My Credit for $189

Your financial health revolves around your credit score, making it imperative that the information your credit report contains is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. 

Work with our credit experts and proven system to eliminate any inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous accounts. 

We’ll teach you the exact information you need to provide to the Credit Bureau’s to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act to your advantage and dispute the mistaken negative ratings that may be preventing you from obtaining new credit when you need it most. 

Lower your interest rates, avoid high late fees, save money and advance your credit opportunities.

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Credit Repair: Resolving Bad Credit

Bad Credit is one of the worst situations in the life of a credit card holder. This not only hampers your present life, but also affects your future prospective of securing a loan. 

The discussion below will inform you about the factors leading to this situation and the strategies to come out of it or never get into it. 

Factors Leading to Bad Credit

There is no one reason for having a bad credit rating. However the following are a few root causes of bad credit: 

  • Overspending is the most crucial factor that leads to the situation of bad credit.
  • Inevitable conditions like health problems, unemployment and other financial setbacks also add to the bad credit score. In these circumstances you have to spend without taking care of your credit score.
  • Not making payments on time for various purchases also affects the credit history.

Improving Your Credit Score

Bad credit is resolved undoubtedly by paying on time in order to regain the good credit score you desire.

The tips given below are helpful in improving bad credit ratings: 

  • Inspect and look for the consistency of the credit report. Make it sure that there are no mistakes or wrong information in the report.
  • In case, you find some inaccuracies, report it immediately to the concerned creditor and approach them to make corrections as soon as possible.
  • Make a budget for your expenses. Find out the items that have added significantly to the bad credit score. Save money for repaying the debts and always try to keep control on overspending.
  • Talk to your creditors and develop a plan with their cooperation to pay the debt amount. Take their assistance in making the process of paying the debt fast and effective.
  • There are a number of organizations that can counsel you for improving bad credit. They can help you to conduct negotiations with your creditors and convince the creditors to be easy on the rate of interest and the repayment plan.
  • Be determined to follow the repayment plan and never play with the process of debt payments.
  • Always inform the creditors before hand, if due to some bad situation you want to skip the payment. However, try to avoid the skipping of payments as it is not always in your favor.

Show Me More Detalis On How To Repair My Credit for $189

Consider A Company That Specializes In Credit Repair

If you find that none of the above things are working for you in terms of credit repair, consider going to a company that specializes in the process. 

This company offers to “clean up your credit record” for a fee. 

While the services of a credit repair company can sometimes be useful, depending on your situation, you must be very, very careful to avoid scams and read all the fine print: in most cases, there is nothing the credit repair company will do that you are unable to do yourself – but if you don’t have the time or resources to do it, it might make sense for you to hire a company. 

The basic strategy of most credit repair companies will be to encourage you to challenge absolutely everything on your credit report with your credit bureau. 

The idea is to inundate the bureau with more requests than they can respond to in a 30 day period, because remember: if the bureau can’t provide documentation for something on your file in 30 days, it must be removed. 

It is questionable, however, how effective this really is: although the bureau must remove items within 30 days if they fail to document them, in most cases the companies will continue to investigate the claims, and when they eventually do find the proper documentation the items may be added again. 

Whatever you decide in regards to a credit repair company, remember to look over the offer carefully. 

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Show Me More Detalis On How To Repair My Credit for $189