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Morning To-Do ListOne effective method of staying on track is to make a to-do list at that start of each morning. It should include everything you need to do that day, both work and personal. Looking at this list you’ll be better placed to prioritise your tasks rather than just plunging in.
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There is no benefit thinking you’ll make a list once the day has started because by then you’ll probably begin to feel overloaded, stressed or tired and be unable to think as logically.
Get in a routine of making your list whilst doing something relaxing like having your first cup of coffee at your desk before you do anything. You can then start your morning with a logical plan that ensures you have a productive day.
Hardest Tasks First
Tackle the hardest task on your list first whilst you are at your freshest and most efficient. The human brain naturally fatigues during the day, making it harder to concentrate and think clearly.
By using these two tactics the end of your day will see yourself working on the easier tasks satisfied that the most difficult tasks are completed or in-hand. This gives you a strong feeling of satisfaction as you work to complete the rest of your list.
 10-Minute Rule
This is a simple way to prevent your self from going round and round in circles making no progress with a task. You simply apply the 10-minute rule to tasks that hit a brick wall or seem to have no resolution.
After having spent 10-minutes working on this task and getting no-where you stop what you are doing and choose one of two ways to address this impasse. You either seek someone, possibly an expert, for assistance who will be able to suggestion a different approach, or you take a break defining when you’ll come back to it.
Staring at the same task for hours without making any progress will just frustrate you and be a waste of your valuable time. Stick with the ten-minute rule when dealing with a stubborn task and you won’t waste you whole day on any one job
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