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1. Amazon’s new Echo smart speaker with a touchscreen is expected to launch today. The device will have the ability to make and receive both phone and video calls, though it may have limited capabilities on that front at first.

2. Sinclair is buying Tribune Media for $3.9 billion (£3 billion) to create a local-TV behemoth. Tribune operates 42 TV stations including the cable network WGN America and several CBS, ABC, and Fox affiliates.

3. Apple is now worth more than $800 billion (£618 billion). Shares of Apple were up 3.05% at $153.44 (£118) on Monday following an analyst report from Drexel Hamilton that suggested Apple will become a $1 trillion (£772 billion) company.

4. A senator revealed that the FBI paid $900,000 (£695,000) to hack into the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone. Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees the FBI, said publicly last week that the government paid $900,000 to break into the locked iPhone.

5. We published the full letter Spotify’s founders wrote to the EU complaining that Apple and Google are abusive. The founders of some of Europe’s largest tech companies wrote to the EU complaining that big internet firms “can and do abuse their privileged position.”

Technology JP LOGAN

6. Citymapper is launching a bus service in London. It’s running the service today and tomorrow to show off its route optimization software.

7. Microsoft is gearing up for an assault on the Amazon Echo. Yesterday Microsoft officially unveiled the Invoke – a smart speaker manufactured by Samsung subsidiary Harmon.

8. AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley told us that it took him four hours to decide whether to blacklist Breitbart. “It was actually a painful four hours,” he said.

9. New York food delivery startup Maple has closed down. Some of the team will join rival food delivery service Deliveroo.

10. Apple executive Phil Schiller took a shot at Google Home and Amazon Echo in a new interview. “My mother used to have a saying that if you don’t have something nice to say, say nothing at all,” Schiller said about the devices.

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