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Before you can stand out you must first fit in,
and then step by step God uproots you from family and friends.
God doesn’t always make clear the steps you have to take.
If you can survive the in between of there and here, you a are right for this message.
Be leery of people who promise to take you up fast.
The things you learn along the way make you able to stand once you get to your place of destiny.
Big steps will kill you, don’t despise the day of small beginnings.
You have to be honest with yourself to know your legs can’t leap that high on your own strength.

Sometimes God makes your enemies your steps, your footstools.

It was good for me that I had been afflicted, now I can pray for myself, praise myself, and raise someone else.
It took something for me to be here, to God be the glory for the steps.
You cant possess the purpose until you go through the process.
You don’t understand the purpose until you get through the process
You are not predictable, if you have been we are about to shake that up!

2 things you have to get rid of are anger and doubt!

In order to mediate for man it had to be a man who started out where I was.
He can be touched by the feelings of my infirmity.
The word became flesh because you can’t redeem what you won’t or can’t touch.
You have to be able to meet people where they are.
You must be one from among them, a kinsman redeemer.
You cant relay your message from a place of isolation
You cant win people from the stage.
God always uses one from among them.
We now have representation on the counsel of Heaven.
He is man enough to touch us but God enough to speak for us.
He took a baby slave named Moses to a Slave woman would raise him in the palace of preparation.
In spite of your current position, never forget where you came from.
Joseph’s brothers saw his position and not his mission.

They hated him over his position with his father and tried to kill him.

God raised up Joseph the slave to sit on the counsel of Egypt to save the his own people.

5 Principles


1- Understand your Mission

– don’t be so focused on the position that you lose sight of the mission.
– position means nothing if you don’t understand the mission.
– it is the position that brings you to the mission.
– when God promotes you it is for the mission.
– God has given you everything he has given you because he trusts you with the mission.
– God is concerned about the mission.
– God will move you up as long as you don’t lose sight of the mission.
– until you understand the Why, He will not give you the What.
– does what you are praying for have a why or just a what?
– why do you need more of what?
– you can’t allow your ego to make decisions.
– until you understand your mission, resources will be denied,
– is it more mission or more money that you seek?
– you must be mission driven.
– your money must have a mission.
– what is your mission?
– married for what? Husband for what? Wife for what?
– don’t ask for something you are not willing to take care of?

2- Maneuvered

– get ready for a shift!
– God is maneuvering you, don’t be upset about it.
– Joseph saw up but went down.
– the maneuver looked the opposite of the dream.
– your first step was to survive being down.
– can you praise God in the pit?
– If He is God in the palace, He is still God in the pit!
– God is seeking PIT PRAISERS!
– I wont just praise Him in the Palace, I will praise Him in the pit!
– Joseph saw him self in a position of power and ended up in the pit, and then in a prison based upon a lie.
-he learned how little value his coat of many colors actually was.
– he lost his coat but not his calling.
– they took his coat but they couldn’t take his call
– it is much better to Be a preacher than to look like one.
– they took Joseph’s coat, but they couldn’t take his call.
– whats in you is always stronger than what is on you!
– stop complaining about the maneuver, and learn from it.
– if they had accepted you, you would have never gotten where your destiny is taking you.
– God will not allow you to accept less than what is best for you.
– God introduced Joseph to a butler in prison,
– what if Joseph had been to arrogant to listen to the butler?
– the warden couldn’t get him where he belonged, it was the butler,
– all of a sudden you have been shifted, maneuvered!
– you cant preach with fire unless you have been in hell’s kitchen.
– God will raise your work load your ethics, so that when you get there it will be easy to manage

3- Management 

– can you handle it?
– I know you have been taught it, but can you do it?
– do you feel so uncomfortable because of the opportunity that you are willing to go back to your old seat?
– can you manage sitting in this seat?
– can you handle the seat that you are praying for and predestined to?
– it is hard to manage success.
– what university did Joseph attend?
– he did not grow up in the environment, had no experience
– but whatever he got thrown in, he Managed it!
– the stress of it, the pain of it, the people, the fears, the sociology of it!
– your emotions will pull you away, manage your fear.
– if you manage your fear, you can step into it.
– mange the fears, the doubt.

4- Mediation

– mediation is really the mission!
– when the famine broke out, their was someone in power to support the family.
– some of the things you went through were really for other people.

– Joseph with no experience was now managing a country.

– but you and he have grown so much that they don’t even recognize you.
– the people who knew you when wont even recognize you because you have grown so much.
– you are helping now people who don’t recognize you, and people who hated you.
– when they don’t recognize you, you still recognize them.
– they are now eating and surviving off of Josephs character.
– Joseph because he is kin to them, can be touched by the feelings of their infirmity
– he was their mediator between the Power and the problem.
– he was their kinsman redeemer, a typology of Jesus.
– you must overcome your own insecurities and step into your destiny.
– he came to his own and his own received him not.
– all we are waiting on now is the manifestation.

5- Manifestation

– the whole creation is waiting on the manifestation.
– the world thinks they are waiting on the manifestation of the new president.
– but the world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God!
– they are waiting for the church to stop having a pity party and manifest the sons of God!
– manifest the power of God!
– beloved now are ye the Sons of God!


– stop waiting on somebody else to fix it, YOU ARE THE MAN!
– stop waiting on somebody to help you or somebody to lift you,
– if you give what you want, it will always come back to you
– the power is in you!
– if it was true about Joseph, and true about Jesus, it is true about you!


– stop looking at where you are sitting, but instead, where you will be seated.
– dont worry about haters, traitors, liars,
– you are not there to make money, you are on a mission!
– if you would just manifest, you will have to make changes, but


Prayer: I will manifest who #IAM in The Spirit!
Song: To Become What God’s Designed You To Be!
1 Timothy‬ ‭2:5-8‬ ‭KJV
“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. Whereunto I am ordained a preacher, and an apostle, (I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not; a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity. I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.”
Notes from a message of by a mentor: TD Jakes

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