“Like you, I have watched while shaking my head over celebrities, politicians, and business leaders who were phenomenally talented but lost everything because they made bad choices in relationships. People such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ted Haggard, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, and Lisa Nowak (a former astronaut and navy captain now serving prison time for attacking a romantic rival) are synonymous with achievement—at least they once were. At one time, these people touched the pinnacle of success in their respective fields.

They are educated, trained, practiced, and skilled;

they diligently prepared for greatness. They even had an abundance of leadership books available to them. But they all suffered disgrace and bear permanent scars on their character for one reason: relationships. Their stories made the front covers of popular magazines and the headlines of cable and Internet news. But famous people are not the only ones who suffer because of their relationships. It can happen to anyone.”

Excerpt From: Moody, Van. “The People Factor.” Thomas Nelson, 2013-11-01. iBooks.

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